Comcast is not MY religion

Comcast is the bane of MY existence.  Well, no, it isn’t really, I guess, but they sure do know how to not be productive when you need them.  Internet working?  Yeah, Comcast is great!  Cable working?  Sure thing, Comcast is great!  Having problems?  Oh, hey, can you hold please?  For about 20 minutes or so?  After you’ve navigated through a senseless barricade of robotic questions from an answering service that, sadly, has more personality than the people you just might eventually talk to?  Yeah, that’d be great.  So, you’re having problems, huh?  We’ll be out there, um…how’s Sunday?  Yes sir, I know today is Tuesday, but it’s all we’ve got.

And you wait.

And wait.

And then it’s Monday and your tech never showed, so you do it all over again.  Gosh, I love Comcast!  🙂

Anyway, internet problems now aside, some of these links I wanted to share are a bit old (by a few days I imagine, at worst), but share them I will anyhow.

  • I love Texas.  I really do.  I don’t know what we’d do without them, but they’re pretty confident about what they’d do without us.  MY wife is a Texan, MY dad is an adopted Texan, and there’s no shortage of pride from either, nor is there from the people there.  It’s a remarkable thing I haven’t found anywhere else.
  • Sigh.  I don’t care about his politics.  Check out those abs.  He’s so dreamy.  Gosh, we’re a lucky country to have this stud as our president.  Everything will be just fine from now on.  Maybe he can even save ME from drowning.  Yeah, at the beach, I mean.  Where else would he save ME from drowning?
  • You’re not allowed to have an opinion anymore.  You’re expected to have one.  And it damn well better be the same one that I have or I’ll sock you good!
  • This is the one I am the most behind on, and likely, everyone has seen it, but I don’t care.  Not at all.  This, to ME, is one of the more potent moments of humanity that I’ve come across in some time.  If you haven’t watched it, then watch it now:
  • People ask ME frequently, where I get MY ideas from.  Aside from the gloriously overweight skull in which MY brain is housed, I offer you two examples right now.  Here and here.
  • Man, did the dudes (you must call them that) that started Twitter just make Maureen Dowd look like an uneducated granny-ape or what?

Last night, I had the priviledge of a book signing at Bound to Be Read Books, in East Atlanta.  Even better, I was interviewed by the master of gay-indie-pop-folk, Wayne Fishell of the Wayne Fishell Experiment.  Wayne did a splendid job of accumulating questions that probed into the religious nature of Anointed, and a few that skirted the personal boundries of MY experiences with she-who-must-not-be-named.  And I had a blast answering them.  It’s no secret that I enjoy talking about MY book, far more that I will ever enjoy talking about ME.  Beyond and well above that, I love engaging in discussion about religion, and attempting to bring along any and everyone interested in doing the same.  For many years, I suppose I approached this from an insulated vantage, as nothing can bring the ire of an individual more than discussing your views on religion when they are not parallel to their own.  I mean, people get more fused over religion than any other topic, including politics.  And religion just sort of floats around and drapes over whatever it wishes as if it were some sort of insolent blanket looking for another thumb-sucking toddler to amuse.  Hence, MY desire to provoke religion into opening itself to discussion, rather than argument.

But with Anointed, I don’t have that shield to cower behind, nor do I have any desire to.  I’m not advocating a new religion, I’m just stating that it’s time to talk about it.  The religious (no matter their faith) spend so much time defending their beliefs and why they are, without question, the most profound and correct system of beliefs in the world, that they do not pause to learn and reflect on whether or not there might be a conjoined truth within all. 

Given then fact that there is a wonderfully hot meal sitting at MY side, and an episode of Survivor to catch up on, I will have to revisit that.  There’s an interesting story about a God named Mithra that I’d like to share with you.  It’s rather interesting, and opens the doors to many other questions, many other discusssions.

Now that I have defeated (been defeated by?) Comcast, I’ll be back again regularly.  I’m sure you just can’t wait.

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