The Path to Redemption

In MYongoing effort to stay current on this here bloggity thing, I am…oh, wait.  No, that won’t work at all.  The correct word would be, “failing.”  I am failing.  That said, I living the spartan life, shaking MYbones to the core of their Old West roots (of which I have none) and enduring a life at home without the interwebbies for which to guide my wayward and lost soul.  Fortunately, there’s Jittery Joe’s, which is not only home to excellent coffee, but free wi-fi.  In a way, I like it.  In another way, it’s a pure living hell being detached from all of the wonderfully useless websites I love to visit.  At some point, the world will right itself, and I will be able to connect anytime I wish.  Either that, or I’m pirating somebody’s signal, with or without the eye-patch, and riding the interwebbie waves of doom to my ultimate peril.  And to yours, if you are so inclined to follow MY ramblings.


I hear the “Lion of the Senate” is dead.  No need to link, I’m sure if you’ve moved today, somebody (television, Internet or random person on the street) has yelled it in your face.  And in an interesting twist of mind, I have come to realization that Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy is the ultimate embodiment of modern religion–most specifically, Christianity.  No, Kennedy was not Christ.  He wasn’t even the cheap knock-off pageant Christ with a bad beard, shady eyeliner, and a bad robe that would better befit a cheap hotel room.  No, he was the ultimate embodiment of sin and redemption.  I think he was baptized by the media, or perhaps just had a really good PR team, because somewhere along the line, his great deeds outweighed his, um, less than great deeds.  This is the guy the murdered a woman, right?  I mean, I’ve heard the litany of excuses, or, “reasons”, for the, “accident”, in which the young girl died, but what cannot be changed is that he walked away from it, and went off into his Kennedy-safe world, where he was, ultimately, protected from prosecution.  Now, before I get carried away on this point, or before I frustrate those who find these remarks tactless, or without proper research, or some such, allow me to keep to the original point.  It cannot be argued that this event will not be at the forefront of articles or documentaries about the man.  In fact, I would be surprised if it was mentioned much at all.  After all, we do not dissect the sins of the fallen.  Rather we praise their achievements.  It’s a human thing.  You’ll find very few roasts at a funeral.

The point I make is this: In the same way that a man could commit a heinous crime, or live a life molded in, “sin”, so too can the same man be redeemed in the eyes of God by a simple wash of the skin.  Jump in a bath with a man of the cloth (which has been done many times in a very improper way as well), confess your sins, and live the life that Christ sacrificed Himself for, and poof!  You’re whole again.  Your demented deeds are forgiven and you are free from the shame and ignominy of your acts, and accepted into the fold, as well as given the keys to the gate of heaven. 

What bothers me with this is that there is no real accountability for what you have done in life.  Maybe there’s a review of your acts in Heaven, and maybe some good finger waggling, but if you have truly turned to Christ (in that same way you might turn to the alternate gender when undergoing a trans-gender surgery…a true commitment there) then you could literally have been the most evil and deranged being on earth, but with a pure heart, with pure actions, with a turn in your soul, it’s all washed away.  I find that the scene in O’ Brother Where Art Thou?when Delmar steps from the river after being baptized, and professes, “all of my sins has been washed away,” that we have, in a microcosm, what is truly wrong with this system.  The system of beliefs only acknowledges wrongdoings in those that are not part of the flock.  Once you are initiated, you are forgiven.  Literally, all the wrongs you have committed, are viewed to have been washed away from who you now are.  See…if I’m God, I don’t have that short of an attention span.  HI, He might say.  REMEMBER ME?  THE GUY WITH THE EIGHT-BALL?  WELL, IT SO HAPPENS THAT I AM NOT ENTIRELY DAMP, YOU KNOW?  I SAW ALL OF THOSE THINGS YOU DID, AND IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU NOW COME TO TERMS WITH THEM.  I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THAT.  GOOD LUCK.  SEE YOU WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND.

Because, truly, does a child understand the wrongs it has committed if its father or mother promptly forgives without explanation upon hearing the child profess true sorrow and a willingness to live properly?  I mean, does that help the child at all?  Do we truly believe that one simple moment like this will, once and for all, leave the child with no true course but that of purity?  Well, no, of course not.  The child is still human, after all.  It will wrong again.  And if it knows it can be forgiven, if it knows it can avoid the pain and suffering of ultimate punishment, then it will apologize again, sincerely, be forgiven, and move on.  Sometimes, a child just needs a good smack on the rump to realize how far it has fallen into a path it should not walk.  And that is a pain, a reminder, that lingers. 

Don’t get ME wrong here.  Senator Kennedy is no more or less a sinner than any one of us.  He just happened to have taken a life along the way there.  The one facet of Christianity I will agree with is that we are all sinners.  Hell, we are all human.  Such is the way.  If weren’t, there wouldn’t be much point to life, would there?  There would be nothing to learn.  Nothing from which to grow, spiritually speaking.  There would just be…life, and not-life.  Kind of like sitting at home all day, never having to work, never having to worry for growth.  Just play Wii and be happy.  Then, someday, the Wii gets shut off, and you leave.

So, praise the man, praise his acts, praise everything that he may or may not have meant to the political landscape, but remember what he did along the way.  What he did to get there.  What he must now, whether we mention it or not, come to terms with.  A woman died because of his actions.  If we forget that, then there truly is no such thing as judgment.

So…yeah.  That’s all I have to say about that.

2 thoughts on “The Path to Redemption

  1. Christianity does not promise that we will not suffer the consequences of our sin. If I contract AIDS because of my lifestyle God in no way promises to heal me if I repent become a Christian.

    If you know that you are a sinner and you know that God will judge you I can’t understand why you would reject His love by rejecting His son and His sacrifice for you on the cross.

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