Tales of a Wandering Revolutionary

Today begins the journey of my wayward revolutionary tax revolter.  Well, actually it began on March 20th, but I’m a little remiss in reporting of his travails, and am only now recouping enough brain power in which to devote.  But, before I begin, I suppose some education may be in order.  So, for those of you who have not yet heard, there is a website called Online Tax Revolt, that is devoted to the cause of tax reform in America.  Though I could praddle on about the specifics, or of my political leaning in the matter, I will instead bypass the debate, and focus on the journey that inspired me to play along.

You see, the idea here is that a nationwide march on Washington is required in order to garner the attention necessary to encourage real change.  Not an atypical stance, used many times over.  However, the catch this time is that the internet, and Google, are playing an intrinsic part.  That’s right…America needs a virtual march on Washington!  So, for those who can’t actually make the march on April 15th, you have the opportunity to create an avatar to do it for you.  Yay!  A computerized me to do work on my behalf!  I’ve waited 37 years to be this lazy! 

The truly fantastic part of this virtual march is that you can track the progress of your avatar daily, and see where, almost to the doorstep of a house, your little revolutionary is.  For example, the first time I checked, just a few days ago, I discovered that little ME was wandering near Morganton, North Carolina, which, in and of itself, is kind of neaterrific.  However, I was a bit distressed to learn that he was wandering far too close to the ominous, and potentially noteworthy, Lost Corner Road.

Pay no attention to the fact that it claims I am from Marietta.  I’m apparently a very confused digital person.  It’s more of note that my dear little avatar is wandering through someone’s property, or perhaps farm, conversing with the cows, trees, and occasional shrubs, obviously mindless of where he is, or where he is going.  Let’s review: He doesn’t know where he’s from, he’s wandering out in the middle of nowhere talking to cows, and he’s walking far too close to Lost Corner Road for my liking.  I was very worried at this point.

Today, I returned to my hero’s journey, to discover that he has made a little headway, forged onward from potential disaster, and found some fashion of rural civilization near the grand hub of Thankful, North Carolina.  So, it’s looking up for my soldier or freedom.

There are even houses ahead!  And North Wilkesboro is in sight!  I need a burger!  My feet hurt!  I need to watch the last episode of Chuck on Hulu

Go little man, go!

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