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I’ve been taking some time to fully acquaint myself with The Flight of the Conchords, and I’m at a loss as to why it’s taken so long.  I’ve been told that it lags a bit after the first season, which might be true, but what it doesn’t do in the first season is suck.  Aside from the obviously talented, and hysterical, duo leading the way–Jermaine Clement and Bret Mckenzie–I think Rhys Darby needs to be hired to follow Steve Carell on The Office.  He’s just brilliant in the role of band manager.

If you have not seen any of the FOC videos, go to You Tube, and find them.  They’re all less than three minutes, and hilarious.  Here’s a sample (or a revisit, for those familiar with it):

On a completely unrelated topic, I just wanted to express how much it pisses me off that Jonathan Franzen is on the cover of Time. You get no links Franzen! He’s presumptuous toad, and no author should be crowned as a Great American Novelist after a second book.  Shame on you Lev Grossman! I almost halfway enjoyed The Magicians, and the other slightly greater than half of me that didn’t like it is rubbing the cover of Time in my face, blistering me with taunts and teases I’m not likely to forget to remember.

Dear Oprah,

I like you, and Jonathan Franzen is a presumptuous toad.  I will never read his books.

hugs and kisses,


Would somebody please fry this pig so I don’t have to see this commercial anymore?

I’ve started another blog, in case you missed that.  It’s loosely connected to The Corner Bookstore, and it’s meant to bring to you all the lunacy we deal with, on a mostly daily basis.  It’s called There Are No Words.  Check it out.

Now I want bacon.  Stupid pig.

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