Catching Up on the Writering

So Kate Gosselin is “freaking out “ over her show being cancelled.

I really don’t care.  I just couldn’t come up with an intro.

Although, seriously?  She’s upset because her career has been derailed?  Watch the video.  It’s amazing how much she sounds like…well, like Kate Gosselin.  Woman’s nuttier than a can of almonds.

It’s been some time since life has allowed me the time and energy to focus on writing, as well as the myriad other projects I want to work on.  Now that I’ve left my post at The Corner Bookstore, I’m going to dive headlong into the wordy pool and see what comes of it.  The primary objective right now is to finish Book 1 in The Storyteller series, which is tentatively called The Heart of Darkness.  I should, all things being equal, complete that manuscript some time in October (preferably before I head to Richmond, Va for The James River Writers Confererence).

As I manage that daunting task, I mean to pick up the pieces of the abandoned Bookstore series of videos (newest one below) and continue building a platform with which to turn my bizzaro experiences as a bookseller into a television pilot.  Think Arrested Development meets The Office and you’ll get a decent idea. Something that allows for a good bit of insanity but is more character driven than built around the location. I hope to have a new video up every Wednesday.

Additionally, I’ll have a few posts to add to The Adventures of Ducky Thomas, including his long overdue story of traveling to New York City.  That post, for what it’s worth will be called The Massive Warship, and has an awful lot to do with his visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The hope with Ducky is to translate his adventures into chapter books. I think the world needs stories about an adventurous duck. Ducky agrees.

Now that Flutter is out and selling, I will be returning again to the world of Timothy Webb and telling what may, or may not, be the final book in that series. I’m rather fond of Timothy and Natasha, so I may violate ever known rule of writing just to hang on to them. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, The Christ Corporation Series has a Facebook page. Like it. I’ll be posting updates there.

Finally, staring me in the face with the depth and deadness of a salivating zombie is a story that takes the traditional Zombie Apocalypse for rocking ride where it’s never been before. Not sure yet if I want to write the novel or the screenplay, but as I have information to offer, I’ll be tossing it up here on the blog.

…of which I will be visiting more often. Obviously, right?

So with nothing in my way but myself, all of these projects will be complete or underway within the next six months.  I’m piling it on and looking forward to what comes of it.

Oh, and in the near future I’ll be looking for you to determine what absolutely ridiculous show I show blog about on a regular basis. That one is wide open.  Anything from Springer to Gossip Girl, from The View to 90210. It’s not my call. It’s yours. I’m not sure who I hope to entertain more with that, but I’m quite positive it will be me.

That said, here’s the latest in The Bookstore series, called Potter is Hotter. Time to decide between Cullen and Potter. And pretty dresses.

The Corner Bookstore Coming Soon!

For those who follow ME on Facebook, this is not the first time you will have heard this, but it is still MY formal announcement nevertheless.  I have left the ranks of the unemployed, and taken on the post of manager of a fabulous new independent bookstore, that will be opening in Atlanta sometime in mid-April (I’ll have a specific date next week some time).  It is called The Corner Bookstore, and it will located smack in the middle of the chaos at the CNN Center, downtown.  It’s going to occupy the former location of the Waldenbooks that had been there since around 2000, had performed quite well, but became a victim of the corporate blade when Borders decided to close nearly all of the Walden locations.  Not to dismiss the unpleasantness of any bookstore closing, but it does warm MY heart to be able to operate an independent in the shell of one of the corporate beasts that have altered the bookselling landscape. 

So…what does this mean, you might ask?

Well, first, and foremost, it means that we can add, yet again, another independent bookstore to the fold, which is always a positive development.  Secondly, it grants ME the opportunity to revisit the recent days of MY past, and spearhead the development, the branding, and the machinations of a bookstore.  No, it isn’t mine.  I do not own it.  But I have been given the task, by the man who does own it, of operating this wonderful little location as if it were MY own.  Which means I get the chance to imprint my vision on a store, while having the added benefit of being able to sleep at night because I’m not up worrying over the bank accounts.  WIN! 

So, then, what is The Corner Bookstore?  It’s 1300 square feet of sheen, and shine, and beaming, gleaming, book-loving joy, is what it is!  Though there is much yet to do, and inventory yet to order, I wanted to share a few preliminary images of the interior of the store.  A logo is being developed, and at some point, there will also be a website, and a blog, as well as a Facebook page, and Twitter account. 

Looking toward the registers


Looking back over the registers. The two fixtures will be modified to create more space.


Along the back of the store


I posted more of the photos on Facebook.  You can go to the album here.

It’s going to be a fabulous little store, with a full line of categories, gift items, magazines & newspapers, and just about anything that can fit in the space.  We’ll also host author events, and have a newsletter each week to keep you up to date on the happenings at The Corner Bookstore.  Until the store blog is up and running, I’ll be posting here, which filters to both my Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have, and I’ll be talking it up quite a bit for the next few months.