Welcome to the Center of My Universe

UPDATES! Who knew I could do that on a web page? Craziness.

With the aid and assistance of my fabulous Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that the Broadleaf Writers Association is now a living breathing burping needy attention-hungry thing! If you are a writer on the hunt for an organization focused on craft, or the opportunity to network with other writers, agents, editors, or looking for an annual conference to hitch your writing tail to, please check us out! For $40 per year, you can enroll as a member and receive discounts on registration fees, invites to V.I.P. and special events, and the latest news and updates! Our first fundraising campaign has launched on GoFundMe, so if you want to support our cause, or would like to become a member, please head over to our fundraising page and donate! Every dollar is appreciated!

BWA Logo



Whether by choice, random selection, or the sheer power of Google, you have found yourself here, on this home page of sorts, teetering over the edge of the waterfall that is my mind. Don’t worry. It’s not a long drop. And even if the guard rail doesn’t hold, you’ll probably only fall on Ducky.

Granted, there might be a feisty cat nearby.

Granted, there might be a feisty cat nearby.

Whatever the reason, you’re here. Have a browse. Enjoy yourself. But stay away from the cheese.


This a page from one of my favorite ideas EVER.


If you have nothing better to do than ask me random questions, or want to talk about writing, comment about the inherent nature of life as a reality program, offer thoughts I’ll probably quote and make fun of later, or want to ask pretty please can you have some cheese, then give it a go here. I’m bored. I’ll answer.

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