Ruminations of the Reluctant Superhero

Recently, I was dubbed the Man of Zeal by a woman who is, by her actions and heart alone, a superhero. I thought it a comical title for a good three minutes until it occurred to me she wasn’t all that far off. I am, by nature, a zealous person, running around half-cocked on a mission to salvage some sense of purpose in this thing called life. Some times the quest pursues the fantasy list of happiness and dreams only an idiot–this one in particular–would dare expect to realize, the rest to serve those around me. The two entwine, often, but generally I find the latter balances out the failures of the former. In the end, though, I just like to help people. I like to be there when they need an ear, a voice, a shoulder, a heart, some muscle, whatever. It’s what I do.

I never stopped to consider why. I never questioned if I should let someone else handle it. I just did what my heart told me and hoped to hell it didn’t break me. I have no idea if this is healthy, if this is sane, or if it even matters. I know I’ve been taken advantage of. I know it’s blown up in my face from time-to-time. I know I’ve overreached when help wasn’t necessary. And still, I trudge on, zealous in my quest to do something, somewhere, anywhere, for anyone I can.

I imagine that sounds a bit braggadocious. I’m certainly no superhero. As far as I know it, superheroes tend to succeed more often than fail in their endeavors. That alone disqualifies me. However, that isn’t the bait on the hook here. The above is merely a train of thought leading to the station ahead. To narrow the field a bit: It’s only just now in life occurred to me that I never looked for any return of this way I have. I wanted it, somewhere within. Some quiet place where my brain sat idle in its desk, hand raised, patiently waiting to be called upon. Could very well be why my relationships have blown up, or why I don’t have a deep circle of friends to visit or hang out with regularly. No idea. I guess it’s irrelevant to me.

Truth is, I don’t worry about it. It doesn’t inherently change who I am. This is the way I’ve chosen to live my life, and I’m good with it. I’m at peace with it.

But it got me to considering the others out there. You know them. They’re in your life. The people who do, not for gain or reward but because someone needs to. The people who call, text, message, visit, invite you to coffee just to see how you’re doing. The people who aren’t asking for anything in return. They just want to help. Some will consider their motives suspect. Some might find annoyance in their do-goodery. Generally, however, they are beacons of light in an otherwise dim moment. You know exactly who they are.

So, should you actually be one of the ten or twelve people who read this, I ask of you a simple task: Find the superhero in your life. Thank them. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they need any help with anything, or need to talk life and its myriad challenges, or would just like to sit silently with someone and have some coffee or food or whatever and not feel as though they fight the good fight alone. Don’t let them turn the conversation on you. For one day, one moment, one blink of an eye, be their hero. It will fuel them more than you know.

4 thoughts on “Ruminations of the Reluctant Superhero

  1. What I’ve seen with folks who are always, always, helping – they want someone to notice, to take care of them, sometimes, too. And sometimes people resent caretaking – it makes them feel inferior, incapable and intruded upon. That’s probably not your intention, but it could be one of the results. I’ve experienced the intruded-upon feeling myself.

    Before I began to write full-time I was a therapist and college prof. I worked in psych hospitals, agencies and had a private practice for 10 years.

    Just some ideas to consider.

    • Thanks, Lenore. In the end, this isn’t really about me. I’m at peace with who I am and what it means. I just want others to see the heroes in their lives. To make sure they recognize what they do. Possibly to thank them and do a simple something in return.

  2. Hey, Zach. I’m putting together a list of folks who blog to see who might be interested to “blog swap”. Basically, we would guest post on each other’s blogs in the month of May. Interested?

    Shannon M. Turner, StoryMuse Storyteller, story coach, radio host, writer, dreamer, nerd. https:/ 540-552-3482

    sry four tipos. sent frum my fon.

    On Mar 23, 2017 10:59 AM, “I Have a Wrong Way to Go” wrote:

    > zacharysteele posted: “Recently, I was dubbed the Man of Zeal by a woman > who is, by her actions and heart alone, a superhero. I thought it a > comical title for a good three minutes until it occurred to me she wasn’t > all that far off. I am, by nature, a zealous person, running ar” >

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