Oh, right. I forgot you were here.

I’m a bad friend, blog. What can I say? I tease you with my company, then vanish for months on end. But I have an excuse this time! It’s Broadleaf related. AND WRITING RELATED! That’s good, right? And, well, it’s life related too, but that’s none of your business, so don’t ask. Just accept it. It wasn’t intentional, I swear. I just got … busy.

For instance, yesterday we launched the event site for the 2016 Broadleaf Writers Conference registration! It opens Monday, April 4th. It’s kind of absorbed most of my time lately, if you follow. So much work. But the committee folks are awesome people and they’re really making it happen. I mean, what, we talked about this more than two years go, right? And it’s happening. Really, really, happening.

Writing? Yeah, well, I’d obviously like to be doing that more often, but my time has been limited of late. Still shopping The Storyteller, hoping that someone sees the passion I’ve infused in a project that began seven years or so ago. I’ve worked a bit on the YA project that I wrote about here, but hit a wall. I walked away from it, to get some clarity, and found I wasn’t all that pleased with what I was doing. So I tinkered a bit on another project for a while just to clear my head. But I recently was granted an idea I’m very excited about. One that puts me back in Middle Grade fantasy, where I want to be. One that keeps me in a universe I love. One that I’m not yet ready to talk about. Jinx or something. I don’t know. Right now, I’ll just say it’s a series called The Kindred. About half the size of The Storyteller, an idea that hasn’t been done, to my knowledge. I’m always more comfortable there anywhere. There and satire. And someday I’ll get back to that. I have a killer idea that takes us a bit before Anointed, and allows me to reset that universe, should I ever want to do anything with the rights I have back to Anointed and Flutter.

And life. That.

So, see? It’s not you, it’s me. I’m sorry. I won’t make some blanket promise that I’ll be here more often. I won’t. It’ll be a lie. I’ll disappear again, then come back and update you. It’s who I am. My priorities are rather focused right now. I have shit to do. Good shit. Just trying to reinforce the point. Sorry for the language. I promise I haven’t hanging around any bad seeds.

So, that’s that. Gotta go, blog. Take care. Keep a watch on my brand, or whatever it is I’m doing here.

One thought on “Oh, right. I forgot you were here.

  1. As I’ve said to all of you before before ……after health we have only two resources available to us:


    BOTH ARE FINITE …….well some folks have an almost infinite supply of $

    How ,where, and with whom and on what we spend both of those finite resources defines who we are .

    You are busy using that finite supply of both. So as your blog indicates you are prioritizing how you utilize that finite supply . Thus you are busy defining who you are. Sometimes folks don’t recognize they can ” write the pages in the book ” that defines them. They are too busy letting other people write that book. And then one day they get older and realize that finite supply of their only two resources is used up. Too late kemo sabe…….too late.

    I don’t recognize the word hope in most of its uses. Hope to me is blind faith without a plan. And blind faith puts life decisions in someone else’s hands. So I’m not hoping for you to realize and achieve your potential. It appears that there is a plan to reach a destination ( and then create a new plan). And that is a good thing vs hope!!

    Think I’ll hope it rains today. Oh my it’s already raining. Maybe I’m wrong on this hope thingy. Or maybe …………hmmmmmmm……..did I telegraph my hope for rain to someone of a higher order? Someone …………must be John Fogarty and Credence Clearwater Revival’s doings. After all they created ………” Have you ever seen the rain………..coming down on a sunny day”. That’s probably the source of this rain. No doubt about it. CCR for sure.

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